January 22


Basic Meditation Practice


3:30 - 4:30 pm

Regularly, we meet every Saturday for Basic Meditation Practice which is open to both new and experienced meditators.  We want to make meditation practice accessible to everyone, so there is no fee required for the class.  Donation is welcome.  Also, an appointment is not required.  The door is usually open at 3 pm.  If you are new to this class, you should arrive at 3 pm or before 3:15 pm for registration and introduction.  Meditation practice always starts at 3:30 pm.  In your next participation, you are not required to arrive early to re-register; however, we require that you arrive before 3:30 so that it will not disrupt others. 

Note: Please remove your shoes before entering the meditation room. 

Meditation Break


1-2 pm

Beginning on August 1, 2019, we provide a new meditation time in addition to the above day and time. This might be a good option for anyone unable to join us on Saturday or for anyone wanting a short break for inner peace practice on a weekday. 

Chanting and Meditation


7:00 - 8:30 pm

Every Tuesday night, we have a session that begins with 15-minute chanting followed by a guided meditation.  Meditation time for this session is typically longer than the Basic Meditation Practice on Saturday.  If you have learned some basic meditation from Saturday class already and is ready to sit silently for about an hour, we are happy to have you join us in this class.

Teen Mindfulness

Parent and Child Mindfulness

Day and Time by Appointment

We offer mindfulness class for teens by appointment.  Also, younger children can learn mindfulness with their parents at our center.  Please talk to Pat for an appointment and more detail Call: (908) 251-3641 or E-mail:

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